Minnesota Mold Remediation Oversight

Minnesota Mold Remediation Oversight

remediation_oversightRemediation of water-damaged buildings can be an uncertain and complex process requiring careful planning and thorough knowledge of the cause and extent of damages. We specialize in Minnesota Mold Remediation Oversight. Before proceeding with water damage restoration, mold remediation, or building repairs consider the need for proper documentation and oversight, especially in situations involving suspected health effects, significant mold/microbial contamination, insurance claims, home warranty, dispute resolution, or real estate transfers. Oversight ensures that remediation is performed in a safe and effective manner while also documenting previously concealed damages and contamination.

Indoor Environmental Professions, Industrial Hygenisits, Building Consultants, and Microbiologists can help customers address tough questions such as: What is the appropriate scope of work? Is the remediation contractor qualified? What testing should be performed? And what are the best remediation options? They can help property managers and homeowners make informed decisions that not only avoid costly mistakes but also improve the likelihood of successful resolution. They can also advise customers on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) aspects of building redesign, providing improvements into building infrastructure and performance. They also need to work closely with other members of the remediation team including home/building owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and legal counsel.

Indoor Environmental Professions, Industrial Hygenisits, Building Consultants, and Microbiologists can provide good oversight by including environmental and structural inspections, scope of work, contractor evaluations, bid reviews, damage assessments, remediation oversight, project oversight or management, sampling and analysis, photographic documentation, daily/weekly progress reports, written reports, and expert witnessing.

You can count on us to protect your project. We are the Minnesota Mold Remediation Oversight Experts.

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